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Hall House 1

This house involves many urban aspects although it stands in the middle of suburban area.Focused on a couple’s spare time, parking lot, billiard-theater, dining-kitchen and bedroom with bathroom are contained in one hall changing their heights according to the slope of the front road.The inclined hall is bended at an angle of 70 degrees to fit into the irregular shape of the site, and the gap of the first and the second-floor become the terrace letting the light plentifully into the whole house. These differences of heights, not a right-angled overlapping of spaces, overlapping use of places, and indirect lighting make various gradations and deepness inside the one-room, it means that this house is on one hand simple enough to perceive whole space, and on the other hand complex enough to find something unpredictable from each corner, as if you come across fragments of contemporary city. To realize thus formed pentagonal plan, a monocoque structural system was adopted. The folded shape of fare-faced concrete structure with the new type of water repellent, allowed to form the hall of 6m span with the only thickness of 15-18cm, to make directly the exterior roof and wall the drainage to let the rainfalls run down to the ground, not using parapet nor gutters, and to envelop the interior space according to each need just like a fabric. And the face of the material makes this house look like a part of the ground, something natural as if it were an open space in the city. And in this case, as the scale of the building was not huge, the exterior form can directly express the structure, which envelops the interior space, and this monocoque structural system of reinforced concrete allowed us to express the individual need to external circumstances.



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Peça interessante, tenho algumas dúvidas quanto ao carácter e ambiente doméstico que os espaços transmitem e na relação da casa com as construções envolventes mas acho que está tudo explicado neste trecho : 住宅全体に採光するための 開口部でもあり、そのためデッキに隣接した風呂はガラスボックスとした。またスキップしたホールを覆う傾斜 屋根は眺望のよい広場でもあり寝室からスロ

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