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Inhabitat - ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD by FuseProject

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ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD by FuseProject - Wed, 20 Dec 2006 09:31:42 +0000

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Photo courtesy of FuseProject

We bloggers are so tied to our laptops that we often times take them, and our constant connection to a neverending flow of information, for granted. We write and read about some amazing eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious design initiatives. But often times the socially-focused projects have the most potential to incite change, like Fuseproject’s XO computer designed for the One Laptop Per Child program, which provides not only an ingeniously designed piece of technology, but a plan to deliver said technology to an otherwise technologically underprivileged demographic. The cleverly-designed, fully-loaded XO laptop will be delivered in mass quantities to developing countries for about $130 each, giving thousands of children access to the web and other educational applications. This past July, Nigeria placed the first hefty order of one million units. And just last month, XO was honored with Popular Science magazine’s “Best of What’s New” Award.

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