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Would you refuse such a commission?

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Levanta-se neste artigo uma questão interessante. De que forma é que a ética tem se tem manifestado, ou não, no universo da arquitectura política.

Would you refuse such a commission?

Tatlin's Tower, from Wikipedia

Would you refuse such a commission?

Currently, many architects deny politics. They ignore the fact that "Architecture is used by political leaders to seduce, to impress and to intimidate." as Sudjic argues (the author of "The Edifice Complex"). Is it objectionable to build a luxury hotel in Dubai, a corporate headquarters building in St. Petersburg or the Beijing Olympic stadium? Simply tantalizing jobs architects could never do in Europe or the US. Dolloars / Euros signs are staring at us. Do architects (and their employees) check their stakeholders - the clients they are working for? Frankly, ethics are personal. It's up to you to decide as a member of the public.

Não é incrível tudo o que pode caber dentro de um lápis?...

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