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Inhabitat - RECYCLED TEXTILE HANDBAGS by Luisa Cevese

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RECYCLED TEXTILE HANDBAGS by Luisa Cevese - Sun, 05 Nov 2006 07:12:54 +0000

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Creative reuse of materials is a topic we always like to cover. One of my favorite products in this category comes from textile designer Luisa Cevese who recycles scraps of old textiles into stylish new creations with her bag line Riedizioni. During her work in design and research, Cevese became aware of the amount of waste in the textile industry, and was driven to fuse colorful and interesting textile scraps in plastic. The plastic is chosen to best suit the final product, varying in thickness, transparency and recycled content, and always serves to give her products durability, waterproofing and structure. Personal consumer reports confirm that her bags indeed wear like iron.

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