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Unesco advisers set to reject Corbusier

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An advisory group to Unesco is expected to recommend that more than a dozen buildings by Le Corbusier are turned down for World Heritage status.

A report by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (Icomos) on the architect’s work will be studied at a 10-day meeting of Unesco’s World Heritage Committee in Paris later this month.

In all, 19 buildings by Le Corbusier – who died in 1965 – were put forward for registration as World Heritage sites by the French government, a move seconded by member state Japan, whose National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo was designed by Le Corbusier.

Icomos suggested that the buildings do not “clearly demonstrate remarkable universal significance of the modern architectural movement”.

It added: “Le Corbusier was not the only architect who promoted the modern architectural movement in which many architects participated.”

A spokesman for Unesco said it was unable to comment until this month’s meeting was wrapped up.

“We cannot second guess the final decisions of the committee which relies on a variety of information in reaching decisions, including the reports of its advisory bodies,” he added.

But Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald, a member of the UK World Heritage Committee, said Le Corbusier should be recognised because his museum in Japan demonstrated that “he was an architect of world influence”.

“I’m not a great supporter of modern architecture but in the right place and the right time, then it’s great,” he added.

The World Heritage Committee will meet between June 19 and 29.

Fonte: Bdonline
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