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Self-Sufficient Housing / The Self-Fab House


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2nd Advanced Architecture Contest

On this occasion the competition aims to stimulate specific investigations into construction techniques and processes that will encourage individuals all over the world to build houses with the means available locally. We are interested, then, in everything from the intelligent application of traditional techniques to advanced digital processes in which digital fabrication entails the use of computers not only as design tools but also as tools for self-production.

The objective was to design, in any part of the world, a single dwelling or a residential building in which there is specific development of innovative construction proposals in relation to the use of new materials, the integration of energy systems in the construction, the insertion of the architecture in the landscape, or any other strategy that serves to enhance self-sufficiency.


The 2nd Advanced Architecture Contest has been a great success!,
We gathered over 1100 competitors from more than 90 countries all over the world and 255 proposals submitted.

The programme challenges the participants to design a self-sufficient dwelling oriented toward self-fabrication. The participants will be free to decide on the size and location of the Project, which must be clearly detailed and justified

Algumas propostas finalistas, entre as quais se encontra a proposta do português Pedro Duarte Bento, parabéns Pedro.

Para a visualização de todas as propostas finalistas está aqui o site/fonte: http://www.iaacblog.com/AAC2007-finalists/

Aqui ficam os paineis da proposta do Arq. Pedro Duarte Bento
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