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  1. O projecto foi um dos 30 seleccionados (entre 188) para a exposição que está a decorrer neste momento no BOZAR en Bruxelas! http://www.bozar.be/webpage_broadcastitem.php?broadc_id=1327 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie8TdJ0xCWk&feature=player_embedded#at=225 minuto 3.33
  2. Gostaria de pedir, aos que estiverem interessados, para votarem no projecto 'Broek-Sell' para o concurso internacional Brussels Courthouse Contest. Trata-se de um projecto de uma dupla de arquitectos de Portugal e Espanha que procura estabelecer novas formas de usufruir deste edifício-símbolo da cidade de Bruxelas.
  3. In Depth: eVolo #03 © Bravdesign Our friends at eVolo have been kind enough to send us a copy of their current issue. This magazine, unlike most of the current Architecture publications, is not only focused on news-related content and imagery, but most of all it is written with the collaboration of Architects, Writers and Academics which elaborate a great set of theoretical content in focus with contemporary Architecture and Urbanism. Thus, eVolo is a great Architecture and Design journal focused on technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design for the 21st Century. Their objective is to promote and discuss the most avant-garde ideas generated in Schools and professional Studios around the world. It is a medium to explore the reality and future of design with up-to-date news, events, and projects.
  4. Eduardo Souto de Moura, Pritzker Prize 2011 © Joao Pereira de Sousa - Casa das Histórias Paula Rego The Pritzker Architecture Prize 2011 has been awarded to the Portuguese Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. He is surely one of the great Masters of the Portuguese Contemporary Architecture. Born and raised in the city of Porto, he has been a disciple of Álvaro Siza Vieira, who has also won the Pritzker Prize in 1992. These two generations of Architects, along with an older one of Fernando Távora, have been responsible for making the city of Porto a great destination to visit great contemporary Architecture, while also designing some interesting buildings across the globe.
  5. Eduardo Souto de Moura, Pritzker Prize 2011 © Joao Pereira de Sousa - Casa das Histórias Paula Rego
  6. White veil over ruins © FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura Portuguese Architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça has recently completed this abstract and scenographic Museum for the Archeological site of Praça Nova in the São Jorge Castle in Lisbon, featuring floating walls along the existing ruins. Dating from the Iron Age, the hill where the castle stands is the first known settlement of the place that became Lisbon, strategic vantage point overlooking the estuary of the Tagus and its inland territory. Since then, there have been countless layers of historical ages that have occupied this place, resulting now in a contemporary Museum of the archaeological vestiges of what remains. (...)
  7. Cemetery for the living © João Morgado - Fotografia de Arquitectura Photographer João Morgado has shared with us an interesting new cemetery in Boliqueime, located in the south of Portugal, as part of an extension of an existing cemetery. Designed by local Architect Luís Marcos Guerreiro, the new cemetery intends to reveal new ways of using and exploring these often forgotten spaces.(...)
  8. © Iwan Baan Dutch Photographer Iwan Baan, one of our favourites, has been invited by the Villa Noailles in Hyeres, France to be the subject of a Photography exhibition entitled, ’2010 around the world – the diary of a year of architecture’. Having redefined the medium of Architectural Photography since his unexpected entry in 2005, the winner of the inaugural Julius Shulman prize has captured some of today’s most important built spaces. If you can pass by, don’t miss this chance to check out his gorgeous works.
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