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Peñafiel, Espanha | Bodegas Protos | Richard Rogers

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Por favor, cliquem no link que vai directamente à página do site do Arquitecto onde se pode ter acesso a muita informação sobre este projecto.

Bodegas Protos, a large collective winery, has been a major contributor to the growing popularity of wines from the Ribera del Duero region both within Spain itself and internationally. In response to increasing demand for Protos wines in recent years, a new building to extend and modernise production facilities has been built. This building connects via an underground link to the original winery and also provides custom-designed areas for tastings and special events as well as administrative functions. The use of traditional materials such as wood and stone and the sensitive use of form to break down the scale of the building has resulted in a winery which complements the surrounding traditional architecture style of Peñafiel whilst also responding to the historic castle which sits directly above the site of the winery.
With building work completed in September 2008, Bodegas Protos processed its first harvest of grapes from the vineyards surrounding Penafiel during October 2008. Over a fifteen-day period, tractor-pulled trailers carrying the grape crop were driven up the ramp to the processing area on the south side of the building and unloaded into vats for fermentation. The facility is now providing capacity to process one million kilos of grape a year. A formal opening ceremony for the new winery is due to be held during the first half of 2009.

The roof of the building is an articulated structure, generated by five inter-linked parabolic vaults of variable lengths. The generated volume breaks down the overall mass and scale of the building to create a structure that is sympathetic to the surrounding urban grain and countryside.
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