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Portimão | Ginkgo Lounge | Tiago Rosado


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Via http://www.dailyicon.net/2009/03/ginkgo-lounge-portugal-by-tiago-rosado/

in http://www.archdaily.com/16139/ginkgo-lounge-tiago-rosado/

Ginkgo Lounge is contemporary clean, unique, different and comfortable lounge design located in Portimao, Portugal designed by Tiago Rosado. This project was one of the architect’s first projects. Originally designed as a small, hotel poolside bar, the design for Ginkgo Lounge demanded more – more size, more space, more style. The name ‘Ginkgo‘, which is the name of a species of trees that exists for over 30 million years, is a reminder of the longevity of the good ‘design’, in this case by nature.

This contemporary structure is impressive for its unique indoor/outdoor layout. A bold, while border frames the entrance to the long, rectangular space. An alfresco seating area leads to the structure’s front facade – a wall of windows. Inside, the expansive glazing creates a sense of the outdoors, enhanced by the spring-green color scheme.

Initially, it was supposed to be much smaller: a poolside bar for a hotel, but later it was decided to make it ‘public’. The only availabe space was a strip of land between the street and a tennis court. It was decided to have the esplanade ‘framed’ by this big ‘window’, giving a sensation of protection from the inside.

The central green wall balances the composition and gives a fresh environment to the space. The concrete wall is part of the structural system (prefabricated concrete): it was left ‘as it is’ when the contrast that this ‘raw’ material gave to the ‘clean’ space was seen: initially the wall was supposed to be adorned with a work of art.

in http://www.besthousedesign.net/2008/11/04/ginkgo-lounge-a-contemporary-lounge-by-tiago-rosado/

MAIS INFO - http://www.ginkgolounge.com/

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O texto original do site besthousedesign é das coisas mais mal escritas que já vi. Pontuação errada, palavras erradas, gralhas.
E o nosso amigo JVS parece que meteu o texto no Babelfish e traduziu directamente (a frase "Esta estrutura é impressionante contemporâneo para a sua única interior / exterior layout" só é possível se tiver sido feita num tradutor automático, porque isto de português não tem nada).
Um pouco mais de atenção não custa...

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