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Designed by GAD [Global Architectural Development], it’s a new fish market in Istanbul’s Besiktas district. Inhabiting a triangular urban site, the fish market was in need of a new structure - and as a solution, GAD created a simple concrete-shell that covers the market. Column-free, the new building is little more than a roof - curving down to meet the ground at the triangular site’s 3 points. The new market therefore retains the scale of the streets - defining a narrow passage between the buildings - while remaining open and public.
Plus, it’s just sick. And plus, look at how pretty that photo is above - with the yellow/orange glow of the sky, and the orange glow of the lights in the market reflecting off the concrete…damn.

in http://architecture.myninjaplease.com/?p=4011

Located in one of Istanbul’s most populated and diverse neighborhoods, Beşiktaş is an eclectic area with a village-like atmosphere that is in the process of urban renewal.
The Beşiktaş Fish Market is located on a triangular site. It is an iconic venue where many locals and visitors buy fresh fish daily. The construction of the old fish market was in very poor shape and needed to be replaced.
The design solution was to maintain its iconic neighborhood presence, while also reaffirming its welcoming feeling. GAD designed a triangular shaped concrete shell covering the entire site with large openings at street level. The concrete shell provides a column-free interior space, optimizing the project’s programmatic needs. The new design injects a contemporary and pragmatic solution, at once preserving the fish market’s history.
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Aqui está um exemplo interessante de arquitectura/arranjo urbanístico, Uma proposta simples, bem resolvida e provavelmente com custos reduzidos. Não deixa de ser curioso verificar a descaracterização da arquitectura envolvente com cêrceas, linguagens e cores diferentes, edifícios degradados, estendais à vista etc..

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