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Coreia do Sul | Yonsei Graduate School of Business | Alvaro Siza Vieira e Carlos Castanheira

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Acho muito interessante a evolução que o Siza Vieira está a dar à sua linguagem arquitectónica. O traço está lá, mas as "pequenas" diferenças também estão... Tenho de ver melhor o projecto. PS: Não encontro o ficheiro do powerpoint.

Não é incrível tudo o que pode caber dentro de um lápis?...

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Não sou um apreciador das obras do Siza mas mesmo assim vejo algum merito nas suas obras...nao em todas em algumas...e esta em particular acho-a algo de notavel quer no seu enquadramento com a envolvente quer na maneira de como resolve o programa com a topografia...a forma é que pode ser um pouco descutivel, mas noto que ultimamente o Siza esta a adorar este tipo de ligações ou rampas "estruturais" na forma do edificio...mas na mesma :clap:

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“For the first time to meet the Modernism architecture giant of 21st century in Korea”

Memorial visit to Korea for the end of design – New building named Creativity Power House in business administration college in Yonsei University.
The world famous architect who received “ Pritzker Prize” which was the same with Nobel Prize in the field of architecture.

It will be held on the first basement of Daewoo hall in Yonsei University on September the 3rd at 5 PM. Dean of Business Administration College in Yonsei University, Tae-hyeon Kim, will invite world famous architect Alvaro Siza who was in charge of the design for the new building named “Creativity Powerhouse” to have special memorial lecture for the fulfillment of design on September the 3rd.
Alvaro Siza from Portugal was famous as a living giant of modernism architect in 21st century and received the Pritzker Prize which was known as a Nobel Prize in the field of architecture. He will give lecture with the subject of world famous architect Alvaro Siza`s architecture world to introduce the philosophy of architecture which he devoted his life for almost 60 years and the art meaning of the new building.

Alvaro Siza design the new building of Creativity Powerhouse with the 3 concept – environmental intimacy, harmony with campus and student centered – as the basis. It will be the hugest building in Asia among the ones designed by him and will be famous for the art value which combines the extreme minimalism and modernism and so many foreign and domestic architectural specialists paid special attention to the building from the commencement of the design.

Dean of Business Administration College expressed that in order to memory completion of the design for the Creativity Powerhouse which was done by the world famous architect Alvaro Siza, we would especially invite him to give us special lecture. He also stated that our college planed to strengthen not only the course but also the hardware including utility space continuously in the future to support the students of Business Administration to become future global leaders at the creative environment.

Business Administration College in Yonsei University set the “creative leadership” as the education purpose and strengthened more about human and physical system. As one of these actions, they are promoting the large scale project which was the new building with architectural area of 23 thousand square meters composing 4 floors underground and 5 floors on the ground investing about 50 billion won until August in 2010. It will be divided into lecture area and research area including 17 class rooms and 18 seminar and discussion rooms which were available for discussion and group project. In the meanwhile, it will also have a library with huge amount of publications with special subject and multimedia lab, more than 100 research utilities, simultaneous translation utility available for international conference and convention hall.
Source : YonHab News 2008.8.25


in http://gsb.yonsei.ac.kr/news/?mode=view&code=board_gsb&idx=1020&page=1&cate=news
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