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Logroña (Rioja) | Centro de Vinho | Nieto Sobejano


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Arq. Nieto Sobejano

The Wine Centre in the La Grajera park is more a feature of the landscape than a building. A reminder of the vineyards that covered the grounds up until not that long ago, it means more to us than a simple formal reference. In actual fact, it evokes strange geometric laws which we are unexpectedly able to perceive in these vineyard-filled landscapes while we travel through Riojan fields. Ploughing through the straight rows of the fields which appear etched in the land, forgetting any initial impulse to 'construct' a building, we limit ourselves to imagining how those agricultural features are susceptible to changing into a programme we are to design in the process. The colours acquired by the different varietal vines when maturing will be nothing but a tapestry of geometric shapes for those of us reading the writing of a faraway text in a landscape. The building is generated from its coverings. Resembling vines raised over the ground, they appear to have been transformed into shiny metallic platforms with grooves formed by sleek inverted beams which are able to reflect vast amounts of light. Below them, terraced surfaces adapt to the unevenness of the area to naturally define the different elements of the program which end up being associated as a series of independent pieces. This all gives rise to the appearance of five bodies, forming areas for exhibitions, training, hotel and catering services and car parks. All these features appear as independent pieces of a programme in progress, a programme that is simply being suggested by the project. Given that they are vineyards which can be expanded or reduced, the proposed spaces are not limited to a given shape or size: these spaces are simply the expression of a geometric law which may eventually modify its dimensions or locations to expand or concentrate areas which might be adapted in the future through the Master Plan.

Imagem colocadaImagem colocadaImagem colocada
Imagem colocadaImagem colocada

Fonte: www.nietosobejano.com

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