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Urban Flotsam _ Chora

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Edited by: CHORA/
Raoul Bunschoten with Pamela Johnston, Jennifer Sigler, Mei Mei Shum

Hélène Binet, Michal Frieberger, Peter Hemmersam, Minna Riska, Mimi Mollica, Joost Grootens, Amer Rauf.

Printed by:
Lecturis, Eindhoven

Published by:
010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2001
ISBN: 90-6450-387-7

This book is aimed at those involved in the making, changing, governing and managing of cities, their physical fabric and their institutions: decision-makers, policy-makers, planners, architects, economists, sociologists and other experts. It is also aimed at those who live in cities and want to take an active part in their change, and at those who want to look far ahead and say ‘what if’ and dream up possible realities that are not here but could be here. The book is also aimed at those most likely to be involved in the coming stages of urban development: students of architecture, of urban planning, of city administration, of urban policy. The object of the book is to introduce a theoretical framework for a methodology of urban development as well as possibilities for bringing this theory into practice. It is a method in progress.
This book contains work by CHORA and Raoul Bunschoten ranging from theoretical projects to cultural and physical urban-planning propositions sited in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Taichung (Taiwan), Kyoto and Tokyo (Japan), Linz (Austria), Bucharest and Timisoara (Romania), Helsinki (Finland) and Alexandrov (Russia). It combines research and educational projects undertaken by Bunschoten since 1988 with methodological work and urban-planning case studies and propositions which derive from this earlier work and which have been developed in CHORA since its foundation.
Helene Binet has been a special support and presence at all times, from the earliest stages of the book, when it was conceived together with Alvin Boyarsky, through the life and travails of CHORA, to the long process of making this book. Her photographs became a major turning point with the shooting of the ‘black squares’, and they form much of the book’s visual substance. Joost Grootens has been a partner on various projects, including the book and CD Rom Metaspaces. He was an intimate advisor for this book as well as the designer of some beautiful parts. The following persons, foundations and companies have provided generous support for this book and/or its contents: Ms Paula Bunschoten, Mr and Mrs Hoshino, The Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, The Netherlands Architecture Fund, the Van Festeren—Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation, the Arts Council of England, the Graham Foundation, the Prins Bernhard Fonds, Zumtobel Staff GmbH, Luxmate Controls GmbH and Zumtobel AG. The Storefront for Art and Architecture has staged an exhibition of CHORA’s work which has helped to formulate the methodology and the structure of this book. The Architectural Association has supported some of the work in this book, generously provided by Alvin Boyarsky and Alan Balfour.

acreditem que vale mesmo a pena...

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