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[Software] Sketchup 6

Pedro Barradas

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Já está disponivel a novissima versão do popular Sketchup, agora com mais funcionalidades


Text and Dimension tool improvements
We've made the text and dimension tools more versatile by supporting font sizes that remain fixed relative to a model. This makes it much easier to create CAD style annotation in Google SketchUp as dimensions and text can be sized proportionally to part of your model. We've also improved the quality on screen, in images and in printing.

Google SketchUp is now faster. See more of your model during view changes thanks to the way Google SketchUp can intelligently drop out rendering options as is needed while changing your view.

Force Inference directions
Now its easy to tell Google SketchUp exactly which direction you want using the arrow keys. Left = green, Up & down = Blue and, Right = Red. We've also added toggle functionality so you don't have to hold the keys down.

Better modifier keys
We've made using the modifier keys less confusing. Now its possible to create a copy at anytime during a move, rotate or push pull operation. Or if you accidentally made a copy you can switch back to normal tool operation. In the move tool its possible to switch between normal, copy and auto-folding at any time.

We've made the intersect feature more robust. We've also added two new ways to intersect: Intersect Selected Only and Intersect with Context. Intersect Selected Only does just that. It performs an intersection between only the selected items and will ignore items that are not select. Intersect with context works while you are editing components and groups. It is a way to ignore items outside of the current context during intersect operations. Combined with paste in place and boolean modeling is easier than ever in Google SketchUp.

Paste in Place
Paste In Place is an improvement to the copy, cut and paste functions. Now the precise location is remembered for quick placement of a pasted selections. Its great for moving geometry in and out of components or groups without having to reposition your selection.

Two point perspective
Now you can set any view in Google SketchUp to be a two point perspective rendering. Quickly and easily recreate this classic style used by draftsmen and illustrators. The result is a simplified perspective image where all vertical lines in the model appear vertical on your screen, and in prints and image exports.

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Preços - versão profissional
495€ +IVA (uma licença)
90€ + IVA (upgrade)

Distribuidor em PT: http://techlimits.com/

Quem cria renasce todos os dias...
Agua-Mestra, Lda
Não sou perfeito, mas sou muito critico...

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