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Smart Architecture

Guest carlos.pedro

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Guest carlos.pedro

Novas ideias deveriam ser necessariamente ideias Inteligentes...pena que no nosso quotidiano tal não acontece com a frequência desejada.

Este livro reune uma série de ideias Inteligentes desenvolvidas em todo o mundo. Vale a pena o download...


Consider the notions time,efficiency
and interactivity in the context ofar-
chitecture and instantly you may find
your head clouded with images of
technocratic modernism.Think of
ecology and environmental issues in
relation to buildings and what you get
is either a vision ofArcadian green
landscapes sparsely populated with
reed-roofed cottages or horrific
projects with environmentally re-
sponsible add-ons.The smart thing to
do is think in terms ofinteraction,
minimum use ofmaterials and en-
ergy,and careful planning over
longer periods oftime,to reduce the
environmental impact ofthis major
human activity called building.What
you then get is smart architecture.
Smart Architecture is a gloriously il-
lustrated light-hearted book based on
the outcome ofthe research project
presented by SLA Foundation on its
smartarch website.It consists mainly
ofexamples involving new ideas on
planning,building and construction
and the application ofintelligent sys-
tems,all in aid ofsustainability.
Analysing the challenges and oppor-
tunities with the help ofnumerous
inspiring examples,it presents a
smart way to fulfil user demands now
and in three hundred years time.
Piet Vollaard

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obrigado pela informação e pelo link.

se bem que o link nao funciona , no emtento pode obter-se o free download acedendo directamente a pagina e procurando smart architecture e depois ai aparece um link para descarga do pdf.

ja li algumas partes e dei uma olhada geral e pareceu-me muito interessante.

mais uma vez obrigado pela partilha de info.


"...don't be a slave of your own ideas..."bjarke ingels

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