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New Dalian Planning Museum in China, by 10 Design,
is a modern, first-class venue for offices and exhibitions in the heart
of the government district, advocating cultural engagement within the
city. It is one of seven municipal civil projects funded by Planning
Bureau – along with library, urban planning exhibition, scientific
center, museum, and teenage activity center. Building’s sculptural
appearance is in a direction of promoting landmark architecture in
Dalian. Striking edifice is also a temple of technical innovations and
progressive sustainable concepts.

Clearly inspired by nautical forms,
the design also aims to become a symbol of technological perfection and
green architecture. Museum’s envelope is active and maintenance-free –
the building uses photo catalytic nano-coating of titanium dioxide
on the outer zinc rain screen to neutralize air pollution and remove
dirt. UV lights powered by photovoltaic cells perform the cleansing
reaction at night, while incorporating a figure of a blooming flower, an
important symbol to this Chinese city. The great fact is that this
dramatic performance comes at no cost – nano-coatings are simple paints
in a very thin layer.

A layer of polymer coating of the inner aluminum façade increases
thermal insulation up to 20 percent, while also providing fungal

Due to avoiding negative solar exposure, east and west façades are
minimized and all entries are removed from the direction of dominant
winter northern winds, in order to optimize passive solar strategies.
Submarine-shaped, almost floating building is a prototype, serving as a
bright example for future green projects and sustainable design within
the region.


Fonte: Evolo

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