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Lamego | Pavilhão Multiusos | Barbosa & Guimarães


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Portuguese architects Barbosa & Guimarães have recently completed a Multipurpose Pavilion in Lamego, a small city in the North of Portugal. The project is located in a hilltop overlooking the city, next to a monumental 18th century complex and the city's fair space. 

Coated in granite, a typical stone used in construction in the area, the building is integrated in the hillside, using the site's natural inclination to nullify its volume. A striking, cantilevered cor-ten steel volume projects above the main entrance, which links the lower plaza to another located at the top of the building. Here is also located an outdoor amphitheatre. 

The architects redesigned the site limits, establishing a new relationship with the surrounding streets and giving a new orientation to the park. According to the architects, the new multipurpose pavilion, along with the park and surrounding fair grounds, "have significantly reinforced and upgraded the public space of the city of Lamego." 

The pavilion features an arena and foyer with a 50-metre span and ceiling height of 10 metres, along with a multipurpose room and an auditorium for 120 people, shower facilities and changing rooms. An underground parking is also planned, with four underground floors.

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Barbosa & Guimarães Architects: Lamego Multipurpose Pavilion
Site: Lamego
Client: Lamego Renova
Competition: 2006
Project: 2006 - 2008
Construction Period: 2009 - 2012
Architects: Barbosa & Guimarães; José António Barbosa, Pedro Lopes Guimarães 
Collaborators: Miguel Pimenta, Paula Fonseca, José Marques, Henrique Dias, Filipe Secca, Mafalda Santiago, Raul Andrade, Pablo Rebelo, Paulo Lima, Ana Campante, Ana Carvalho, Ana Mota, Daniela Teixeira, Eunice Lopes, Nuno Felgar, Rui Grangeio
Structural engineering: JFA, José Ferraz
Hydraulic engineering: DHV, Dias da Costa
Electrical engineering: RGA, Joaquim Silva
Heating & Gas: RGA, Pedro Albuquerque
HVAC: RGA, Pedro Albuquerque
Contractors (partnership): Irmãos Cavaco, Gabriel A. S. Couto, Francisco Pereira Marinho & Irmãos s.a.
Site supervision: José Cruz


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Só falta dizer que a obra deu barraca em toda a sua extensão e que o caixote que tão "bonito fica apenas na fotografia" já foi retirado...até corrigir problemas é certo, assim como é certa a total ausência de sentido estético com o lugar,ao nível da volumetria, das formas e cores da proposta...

O uso do corten em demasia... material familiar certamente, para quem tem raízes em Matosinhos e o seu ambiente naval, mas que na quantidade utilizada revela um descontrolo total sobre o mesmo e sem ter em conta o ambiente que rodeia o espaço. Obra feita á distância de um render que alguém está a pagar.

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