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Brazil | Paraty House | Studio Mk27

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Studio MK27 showcase a collection of their work in South America

Paraty house, Paraty . rj . Brazil,May 2009

Two boxes of reinforced concrete, rest fixed connected on the mountainside of one of the islands between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro; two modern prisms between the large colossal stones of the Brazilian coast. The volumes project outward from the mountain in an 8-metres cantilever.

Studio sc São Paulo. sp . Brazil, March 2011

This studio is a commentary about the historic relationship between Brazilian and Japanese architecture, two productions that, until today, maintain a national identity.

Volume B São Paulo . sp . Brazi l, May 2007

The Store Micasa Volume B is an annex of a previously-existing store. A small tunnel connects the entrance to the annex with the showroom of the initial store. The annex interior ground plan is a large span, conceived to configure an ample and dynamic area to house a Vitra showroom.

Punta House Punta del´este . Uruguay, January 2011

The solution adopted was a one-level house which, on one side looked out to the waters of the reservoir and, on the other, to an internal patio demarcated by stone walls, which end up defining all of the spaces of the house.

V4 house São Paulo . sp . Brazil October 2011

The solution adopted in the V4 house dialogues with the dimension of the site, formulating an adequate relation between the scale of the construction and the site.

Berçário Primetime São Paulo . sp . Brazil August 2007

This project is the first Brazilian nursery developed from a program specially directed for children aged from zero to 3 years. The focus of the project was to incorporate the specificities of this programme, seeking adequate creative solutions.

Fonte: World Architecture News
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