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Spain | Municipal Audiorium | Mangado & Asociados

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Two administratively united but geographically separated regions in Spain connected by a Municipal Auditorium

The first Mediterranean work by architects Mangado & Asociados, the Municipal Audiorium of Teulada in Alicante, Spain is the missing link between two associated towns - Teulada and Moraira - which are administratively united by geographically divided.

Teulada is located uphill and Moraira downhill facing the stunning Mediterranean coastline, a feature from which the architects took inspiration. The building moves with the terrain of the location, adapting to the topography with its angular composition. Internally the volume offers a 700-capacity hall which can be divided into two units, an audition room for 60 people, a rehearsal room for 80, a 600 sq m gallery space, and a café.

Overlooking the sea the volume features a large void in the façade where blue ceramic tiles, reminiscent of those used in many Mediterranean domes, coat a fissure in the otherwise smooth external wall. Mangado & Asociados explains: “The sculptor of this jagged surface space is the Mediterranean light: the irregularities were determined by studies of the sun’s impact in the area and the geometries it would generate.”

A series of thick concrete posts filter direct sunlight and cast a regimented geometric pattern of shadow across the minimalist internal space. At night the building is lit from within and the central auditorium becomes ‘a lighthouse illuminating the paths that connect the twin towns’.

Fonte: World Architecture News
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