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Aluminium villa in Arnhem is minimalist magic

This 160 sq m aluminium residence is the work of local Dutch architects boetzkes|helder who followed the client’s ‘unique and modern home’ brief to the letter. With requests for a ‘loft quality’ to the interior spaces, the design team introduced graphic lines and minimalistic details to form an original and aesthetically pleasing residence with none of the elaborate flourishes so often found in privately commissioned housing builds.

The aluminium facade has been treated with a special coating so that it appears to change colours with the unpredictable weather conditions and whilst the placement of large windows across these great expanses of metal sheeting may seem random, they have been specifically chosen to frame the most spectacular views across the surrounding flora. The basic shape of the house is formed by the plot; it is oblique in the front side and runs parallel with the street resulting in a volume with a sharp look which creates a spacious and specific interior.

Internally, the ground floor is formed of three main areas in an effort to keep clutter to a minimum: the entranceway; garage; and a living area composed of living room, dining room and kitchen. A section of the aluminium panelling in this communal living space has been substituted for glass so that the volume can be easily opened up to the outside, however an additional perforated aluminium sunscreen provides added flexibility.

Also to be found in this open plan living area is a sizeable storage unit (referred to by the architects as ‘a large wooden tapestry’) which allegedly functions as the kitchen, storage, drinks cabinet and wardrobe, its multipurpose design saving critical space in this very minimalistic project.

Fonte: World Architecture News
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