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Staggered residential complex in Singapore unveiled by Moshe Safdie Architects

CapitaLand Residential Singapore and Mitsubishi Estate Asia Pte. Ltd. (MEA) today jointly unveiled their upcoming condominium at Bishan Central, which will be designed by renowned international architect Moshe Safdie as a distinctive example of new urban living. Located on an 11,997 sq m site in the heart of Bishan Central, one of Singapore’s choice residential areas, the condominium will comprise approximately 500 apartments across two 38-storey towers.

Moshe Safdie has introduced a strong and distinctive stepping form for the condominium, moving past the traditional approach of deploying individual towers to create a three-dimensional matrix of homes, private terraces and public gardens. His design provides for lush vertical greenery, optimal orientation relative to the sun, naturally ventilated units, and generous views.

Instead of independent towers, the condominium’s two towers are linked by three bridging ‘sky gardens’. This offers opportunities for commonly shared garden and leisure spaces, while giving rise to an overall mass that is porous and open. This non-traditional approach allows air to breeze through and sunlight to penetrate, while maximising views for families and for the community spaces. Residents on the towers’ upper floors will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the lush greenery of Bishan Park. At ground level, 70% of the site area will be developed into a series of lush gardens, outdoor event rooms, swimming pools, and walking paths for residents to enjoy their leisure hours.

Moshe Safdie, of Boston, Massachusetts-based Safdie Architects, said: “With fractal-geometry surface patterns, a dramatic stepping structure, and a network of gardens open to the sky, the condominium at Bishan Central is the latest in our series of global projects created from the experimental project Habitat ’67 in Montreal. Instead of independent towers, the condominium’s two towers are linked by three bridging ‘sky gardens’. The overall mass is porous and open, allowing air to breeze through and the light to penetrate, and resulting in a more humane and delicate urban fabric than is usual in the traditional apartment building. The structure is highly rationalised, affording cross-ventilation and multiple exposures to every unit. It is well-adapted to maximising air movement in Singapore’s tropical climate.”

Design and development works are in progress and the condominium is targeted to be launched for sale in the first half of 2012. Temporary Occupation Permit for the condominium is expected to be obtained in 2015.

Fonte: World Architecture News
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