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Busan | Opera House | Ayrat Khusnutdinov, and Alexey Bychkov/ADM.

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The outstanding natural environment: the sea and the mountains are features that are reflected in this project by Ayrat Khusnutdinov, and Alexey Bychkov/ADM. These natural features, not architecture, are the prime actors in the scene; here the architecture is just a frame.

The notion that a building can be a musical instrument itself being a magnet of public activity is one of the steering wheels of the proposal. The undulating structure behaves like a ballet dancer creating different scenic effects, closing the space and opening it in its climax on the shoreline. Its dramatic pleats are synonymous with behavior of the stormy sea and crescendos of opera music.

In one gesture, this fluid surface establishes formal continuity from the park through the canal to the island, and unites project’s numerous program elements. Its different parts can simultaneously serve both roles – a stage and an auditorium, intermix of these relationships creates a feeling of play on this stage – life. The inner space of the opera house complex is a celebration of the notion what architecture should be – not an object in space but a group of objects creating the space: the space for relaxation in view of the great asset of Busan – the sea.

Fonte: Evolo
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