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Faculdade em França


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Estou a pensar ir estudar um ano para França (porque tenho facilidades de lingua e alojamento), e pensei ir para a Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville. Gostava que me dessem opiniões acerca desta escola, mas tambem sobre como é estudar em frança. Gostava que alguem que tivesse estudado lá (ou tenha conhecimento de alguem) desse algumas opiniões :p

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Aquele sistema de trabalho, que consiste em colocar demasiada pressão num trabalhador, de forma a ele dar o máximo (chulado!) e se despedir num prazo de dois a quatro meses, (vai para lá outro a ganhar o mesmo, ou menos!) também existe em FRANÇA... e funciona perfeitamente, da perspectiva do Patronato. Mas, como sabe, existem sempre umas excepções, pode ser que seja bafejada pela sorte. Só posso falar da perspectiva do mercado de trabalho, do ponto de vista do que pode aprender, numa escola, isto depende mais de si, do que da escola... ou vai na conversa deles, ou nem por isso. E sim, são informações colhidas de um habitante de Paris, um amigo veraneante... e não, não é apenas a minha escabrosa imaginação.

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Eu acho, que você precisa de um comparativo, antes de tentar sair do País:

France or République française as it is officially known, is the largest European scumhole, surpassing Germany for cultural stereotypes and social unrest. Her chief claim to fame is being the first stop for any artist reject or wannabe dictator. Geographically, France is located at the teat of Europe hence the town of Breast at the foremost edge of the coast.

The French are famed for their culinary skills which consist of "baking bread" and "producing hot buns and tarts". There is also the widely adopted pastime of drinking excess coffee so as to be able to stay up late into the night; indeed France is a nation of "midnight alley cats".[1]

The French have also have a great claim to fame by having overpowering unions, which have led to slow industry and the country being in perpetual recession and ruled by crypto-fascist governments since France's defeat in the Second World War.

The history of France began a long time ago with the brutal tribe called the Gauls, a people exclusively dedicated to the art of pimping. During this time, the rest of Europe was nearly bankrupted by the brutal pimping tactics employed by the new land that would eventually be called France. With the advent of Christendom, France adopted extreme pretentiousness to disguise a heathen attitude toward everything, notably buggery and perfume.

The Gauls were eventually subdued by the Christians and the Romans, and a nation was born. However it was an evil reptile race, the Merovingians, that made the France we know today. They surpassed the Franks to make a modern and cohesive hellhole, with a great people imbibed with an anaemic smug self importance. This distinctive French attitude of self importance has continued till this very day. Under the new Monarchy, the French became a powerful force in Medieval Europe.

This continued until the French Revolution in which the royalty of France were "deposed" for the "Rights of Man". These events made France a ripe target and first port of call for Corsican upstart Napoleon Bonaparte. His awesome height of four feet and four inches inspired his hate fuelled vengeance for the rest of Europe and spawned the Napoleonic Wars.

The French Revolution proved to be France’s enduring legacy to European history. During these Napoleonic Wars the French Legal system influenced the rest of the globe with an ethos of giving up at first sign of trouble. The demise of the messy and decadent royalty, swapped in turn for support of any upstarts and tyrants, has generally come to symbolize the success of the revolution; hence the French motto in the Rights of Man "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death".

1↑ Promiscuity amongst the French middle class rivals bonobos, especially the females in heat.

Portugal (Pronounced Poor-Chu-Gull), is situated in African Europe.. Portugal was founded before time began by goblins who named the province Sportugal after their love for snooker and F1. The Portuguese are known for being pioneers in world navigation, as brave Portuguese sailed far far way, establishing codfish trading posts in Africa, South America, India, Japan and Iceland (they only kept the Iceland one, because they didn't get any codfish from the rest). After a long day of sailing in the direction of Jamaica, where they planned to take over, steal all their marijuana and name it Portugal-"mon", a storm brewed and drifted them onto the South American shore. The Portuguese then decided to "fertilize" the land with their semen and kill any remaining Tarzan-like natives. This land had a mysterious power as all the Portuguese explorers felt "hot" for each other after being their for 30 minutes. The land was then named Brazil due to the herb Basil, which was known as the gay herb since the Portuguese dictator Jesus said so. Since then all gay Portuguese men, Blacks and Portuguese prostitutes have been banished to that land as a punishment. (Much like Britian and Australia). There are also rumors that there is trading post located in Pluto, where the explorer Vasco da Gama presented Codfish, a kind of fish very apreciatted by everyone in Portugal, to Darth Vader. Vader enjoyed the gift so much, that he used the force to corrupt every single politician in Portugal and turned Eusébio to bronze statue. The current long-reigning ruler of the country is the Sith Lord Sócrates I.

The Portuguese have been believed to be the best soccer players of all time. Although this has been proven to be false, it is true that every Portuguese baby is injected with a magnetic soccer-ball-attracting magnet which can attract many modern soccer balls and other shit. The Portuguese are also famed for their ability to catch horses, an ability which has helped maintain the long inter-racial relationship with England, where horses have been extinct for a ****ing long time.

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