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VaSLab Architecture completes Asia's first 'Big-Bike Centre'

This big-bike showroom is a competition winning project awarded in September 2007. Construction started in March 2008 and was completed in 2009. The client aimed this project to be the first big-bike center in the Asia/Pacific region, with the intention to reinforce the manufacturer’s brand, and the building has become the new destination for a community nearby. The site is located at Praditmanutham Road. This new Bangkok vessel brings in many low-rise commercial projects as magnets for recreation and leisure. The fast traffic speed became the focus, fluctuated in and out of the site to create the zoning formation.
The proposal design had caught the client’s attention by its metaphorical aspects that articulated their brand marketing mindset of an 'attitude of winning'. Not only is the design functional, but the meaning of its corporate identity is to also a key factor. The two overriding sculptural concrete forms were inspired by the idea of 'hugging the curve' - an obvious reference to an overtaking manoeuvre in motorcycle racing. These two 'boomerangs' engage with one another; the first vectors its circulation from the main entry through the café, showroom, retail, education zone, and warehouse areas. The other directs its path from the lounge / conference via offices, a canteen, service centre and workshop.
The use of concrete as an eco-friendly material is applied throughout the project. Its masculine finish flows outside-in, as seen from the continuous surface of the exterior and interior's walls and ceiling. The fluid interior circulation is designed to follow the same dynamic characteristic as that of its outer shell.

Fonte: World Architecture News
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