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Hsieh Ying-chun 謝英俊
Marco Casagrande 馬可·卡薩格蘭
Roan Ching-yueh 阮慶岳

Construction Work:
Chen, Jiang Zhou, Leo Cheng, Marco Casagrande, Nikita Wu, Shao Lei, Wei Jia-kuan, Wei Jing-Ke
Design Assistant:
Frank Chen
Local Knowledge:
Wei Jia-kuan
Wei Jing-Ke

Location: Shenzhen, China
Site: 3000 m2 waste land, ruined building site
Building footprint: 120 m2
Materials: bamboo, wood, gravel, recycled concrete
Completed: 2009

Mais informações (em inglês): http://bugdome.blogspot.com/

Imagens da sua construção: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetsecret/sets/72157622996172928/
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