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Design it: Shelter Competition - Português entre os finalistas

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CBS - Cork Block Shelter
Designed by David Mares
From: Setúbal, Portugal
Shelter location: Portugal
Date accepted: August 18, 2009

CBS is located at Vale dos Barris. It was designed to be an ecological and living block. In a microclimate that ranges from the dry heat to damp cold, the application of cork is a good way of thermally isolating the shelter and also providing acoustic insulation for study/sleep. The dynamic facade gives visual interaction when in living-studying mode; in rest-sleep mode it closes to provide privacy for its occupant.

Imagem colocada Imagem colocada Imagem colocada Imagem colocada


fonte: http://www.guggenheim.org/new-york/education/sackler-center/design-it-shelter/view-shelters/project/517


assunto já referido aqui -> http://www.arquitectura.pt/forum/f62/design-it-shelter-competition-finalista-peoples-prize-13733.html <- Não se esqueçam de votar no David ;)

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