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  1. Our second issue of NEW EXPRESSION is available on the App Store. Following the research started on our first issue, On Housing 2 focus on the limits of domestic architecture, where we publish experiments and prototypes by artists and architects, working on subjects like Open Source, Flexible Systems, Shared Logics and others. SPARK Digital Media has moved to MAG+ as publishing platform in order to be available in iPad and Android. This App is now compatible with Newsstand, where you can find NEW EXPRESSION On Housing, NEW EXPRESSION On Housing 2 and an Annual Subscription for the next four issues. NEW EXPRESSION On Housing 2 can be download for FREE from the App Store to celebrate the change to MAG+ publishing platform. Check out this issue with 10 projects that are working on the limits of architecture. Wikihouse. Architecture00:/ African Species. Arquitectos Anónimos Máquinas E-Cotidianas. Oficina Informal Keret House. Centrala Nomad. MOOV Paraloop. Gausa Raveau actarquitectura House in Never Never Land. Andrés Jacque Sweet Parliament Home. Andrés Jacque BuBble. MMASA NEW EXPRESSION On Housing ISBN 978-989-97451-2-4 iPad ISBN 978-989-97451-3-1 Android Mais informação: Ligação para a App Store
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