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  1. Hi All, Is there Someone who knows and could post the index of the DARCO Magazine n.° 07 (Aires Mateus monografia)? Thank You in advance for Your help. Andrea
  2. I'm very grateful for Your help! Sorry, i don't want to be misunterstood: when i wrote in the last messagge "something wrong?" i want to ask You if i have used a wrong e-mail address to obtain the informations about the publication required. Is it possible to exist others government e-mail addresses to obtain the same informations (if is not possible to have a shop online link)? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Thank You for Your reply , I'm in Italy now and my english is a very little in conversation (and in writing too), for this i can't contact them by the phone. A few time ago i sent an e-mail to this address: programa.polis@polis.maotdr.gov.pt to have some informations about but i had still not reply. Something wrong? Any idea to solve this problem? Best regards, Andrea Mamusa
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for some informations about this publication: "Passeio Atlântico" - Edição MAOT- GCPP, de Março de 2002. In which way could i acquire a copy of this publication for personal study? Thanks in advance for Your help. Best Regards, Andrea Mamusa Alghero, Isle of Sardinia
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