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Hot Pebbles for Cold Fish

Designers: Yongju Kwak, Dongbin Shin, Kukil Han & Young-Seok Kim

Use the ancient power of water-smoothed rocks with the stone-grill concept “Pebbles.” It will make your healthy fish-devouring ways a cinch! Just unroll the Pebbles grill, locate the knob which switches the grill on, use it once again to turn the temperature to the correct level, wait a bit, just a bit!, and take them fish outta there. Turn the pebbles off and eat them fishes!
As you can see, the body of the grill is flexible and easy to clean. Small so it’s portable, suited to indoor or outdoor use. It produces no harmful by-products, and is easy to operate.
The pebble for activation and temperature also lights the rest of the pebbles showing that the heat is activated. Once the grilling is done, just give the control pebble a “tug” -and it’s done!

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