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BLDGBLOG - Amsterdam Subcity

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Imagem colocada

Amsterdam Subcity

Will the city of Amsterdam soon build "a labyrinth city" beneath its canals?

Imagem colocada[image: A new underground city for Amsterdam, by Zwarts & Jansma].

Maybe so.
According to World Architecture News, "Newspapers around Europe have been reporting on the scheme, which requires the city's canals to be drained to allow the construction of a vast underground mixed-use complex beneath."

Imagem colocada[image: Underground Amsterdam by Zwarts & Jansma].

It's an idea by Zwarts & Jansma architects, whose plans includes excavating "a range of underground facilities... at various levels below the city."

Imagem colocadaImagem colocadaImagem colocada[images: Zwarts & Jansma].

Apparently, the project is even technically feasible:The Dutch capital may be unique as its geology lends itself to the technical feasibility of this scheme. Moshé Zwarts explained, "Amsterdam sites on a 30-metre layer of waterproof clay which will be used together with concrete and sand to make new walls. Once we have resealed the canal floor, we will be able to carry on working underneath while pouring water back into the canals. It's an easy technique and it doesn't create issues with drilling noises on the streets."But does that mean Amsterdam should really build it? For instance, World Architecture News is quite opposed to the project – yet the Telegraph reports that "the project has been approved by Amsterdam's city council. Construction work, lasting up to 20 years, is expected to begin in 2018."

Imagem colocada[image: Zwarts & Jansma].

Maybe they should build it and use it as a penal colony. Imagine the escape attempts – trying to get out of the earth.

(Thanks to Alex Haw for the tip!)

Imagem colocada Ler artigo...

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