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Chan Chan Citadel

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Chan Chan Citadel


I just came across this project over at CubeMe - the first place entry for ARCHITECTUM’s Chan Chan 2006 student competition. The winning project was submitted by a team from France, designed by :
Armel Neouze
Olivier Charlers
Antoine Cordier
Jacques Gelez

The Chan Chan Citadel “is a new style of accommodations which — differing of the classic folkloric resort or theme hotel — would “celebrate” the natural scenario more than “distract” with its own facilities.”

ARCHITECTUM’s initiative to organize this contest of ideas first appeared from the necessity of celebrating such an important site as The NazcaPlains, through the construction of a Observatory-Lodge; a new style of accommodations which - differing of the classic folkloric resort or theme hotel - would “celebrate” the natural scenario more than “distract” with its own facilities.


The architecture was supposed to be a part of the scenario; a monument, a sculpture, more than an obstacle that could, in any way, difficult the phenomenological experience.

The proposal had to present an up-dated and accurate image that represented the actual spirit of the present times, but taking into consideration the usual economics of resources and the most suitable materials. It also had to signify the lowest physical investment possible.

Furthermore, the project needed to include issues such as an ecological conscience, as well as respect for the landscape and the environment, in a way that they were reflected in each and every one of the materials and elements selected.

Summarizing, the specific objective of the contest was the following:
- Gather the best architectonic ideas which, involving respect and celebration of a site, were able to emphasize their presence within an important and impressive geographical reality.

Therefore, we believe discussion is now open for ideas regarding the current architectonic parameters on landscape intangibility, as well as on the intervention of cultural patrimonies, historical monuments or ecological sanctuaries all over the world.” [from ARCHITECTUM]


ARCHITECTUM has a TON of great submissions you can go check out - both the runners-up for this competition, and for a number of others - all of which are definitely worth taking some time to visit the site. Enjoy!

::via CubeMe::


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