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Ron Mueck - simplesmente fantástico

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Ron Mueck is an Australian born London-based photo-realist artist. His parents were toy makers. He worked on children's television shows for 15 years before creating special effects for the 1986 film as Labyrinth.

He then started his own company in London, making models to be photographed for advertisements. Now he's creating on his own and showcasing his work in places such as the Royal Academy, the Millennium Dome in London and the Venice Biennale.

Check out what he does. Real mind blower.












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Realmente é impressionante... (Uma curiosidade: é genro da Paula Rego, que o impulsionou bastante no início de carreira enquanto artista plástico... :!: )

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muito interessante de facto a obra deste escultor. gosto particularmente do facto de me poder ver na sua obra como um outsider de toda uma vida com outra escala. sem dúvida que transmite uma força enorme aos espaços e o seu impacto na arquitectura.

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