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ILLUMAWALL by DUO-GARD - Tue, 16 Jan 2007 05:23:58 +0000

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We’ve been singing the praises of daylighting and translucent architecture ever since we began preaching the green design gospel here at Inhabitat. Using translucent daylight panels, you can fill your house with diffused sunlight during the day — aiding your health and well-being, and cutting down your electricity bills at the same time. There are plenty of building companies that have been making polycarbonate, nanogel-filled “Daylighting Panels” for awhile now, but Duo-Gard is the first company to push the envelope to its logical discotheque conclusion by bringing colored LED lights into the mix. Now with Duo-Gard’s new IllumaWALL, not only can you flood your house with sunlight during the day, but you can light up your house like a big jack-o-lantern at night: in pink, yellow, green or blue light — or even a pulsating spectrum of colors if you want to be that annoying.

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