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Edifício Deslizante Em Zurique, Suíça

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Edifício deslizante em Zurique

A 120-year-old building is being relocated in its entirety using hydraulics and railways tracks in order to save it from demolition.

The operation to translocate the 6,200-tonne former factory began on yesterday with two hydraulic pressers, 500 rollers and six sections of railway line being utilised to help push the building roughly 60 metres to the west at speeds of around three to five metres per hour.

According to the company paying for the operation, the project to move the 80-metre long and 12-metre wide building is the largest Switzerland and Europe has ever seen.

The Machine Factory Oerlikon building was facing demolition in 2010 due to the expansion of nearby railway lines but it was saved when the Swiss real estate company, Swiss Prime Site, decided to buy it.

"Maybe it's crazy, but we're very happy that we've found a solution about this problem of what should we do with this property, now we can save this property maybe for another hundred years", SPS chief investment officer Peter Lehmann told Reuters.

The physical work freeing the foundations of the old factory and putting it on rolling tracks started last summer. So far SPS have spent roughly US$12.7 million (S$16.2 million) so far on the operation in order to preserve the Zurich landmark.

"Well, what is special is that an old building like that have history, they're full of emotions, and also people round about this property have lots of emotions for this building. It was for more than 100 years the heart of the machine industry of Zurich. And all the people are happy we could save this property like it is", Mr Lehmann said.

The journey is expected to take two days, SPS said.


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